donderdag 25 maart 2010

About Storysewing


Merel Boers (1981) graduated cum laude from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2006. During her course of study, she developed a love for fashion and illustration. Those two art forms were combined in her graduation collection; “A Journey to Miss Blackbirdy’s World”.
With that first Storysewing collection she won the prestigious BLVD Fashion Award 2006. A year later, Merel started Studio Miss Blackbirdy.

In the year 2007 she won the LancĂ´me Colour Designs Award with her first illustrative fashion collection for the category “Modern Femininity”. This collection was shown at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

Not only fashion reporters noticed her talent. The Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem and Museum Gruuthuse in Bruges (Belgium) were interested in showing some of her Storysewing work. Merel Boers work has decorated several magazine covers and was mentioned in international fashion books.

Merel is inspired by the world around her. She always tries to create a whole new world in an illustrative and fashionable way. With her illustrations and garments, an imaginative and enchanting image is created that is in total contrast with reality. Merel boers Storysewing illustrations and designs always have a fragile and girlish feeling with a touch of naivety.
From her Studio an idyllic, magnificent world originates; a world where black and white flowers, animals and imaginative figures exist. The World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam is where she is working on several projects and concepts.

Designer services:
Merel boers loves to work with luxury brands to create bespoke installations to compliment their designer products and brand identity, please contact: